LED technology
Over the past 10 years, advances in high intensity LEDs have made their use preferable to incandescent lamps for many signaling applications. Among the special advantages of LEDs, in comparison with incandescent lamps, 
      .Longer expected operational lifetime 
      .Higher electro-optic efficiency, particularly for colored light 
      .Improved color purity 
      .Shock and vibration resistance 
      .Low service cost 
LED Types
There are many types of LEDs, differing in packaging methods, but sharing the same basic technology. LEDs can be generally divided into two groups by power: low power and high power.
Low power LEDs
High power LEDs
High power or illumination LEDs are used to illuminate other objects or as high intensity, concentrated light sources. The high power LED, Figure 3, employs a large metal slug for heat conduction with electrical leads isolated from the thermal path. This structure dramatically improves heat transfer, supporting greater die size and increased operating current. 

Technology & Support

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